Thursday, January 12, 2012

Circus Song: What is that Song?


What's the Name of that song that they always play at the circus?


For time out of mind circuses have been playing the same song, usually when the clown come in.  It goes.  "Duh du du..."  er "Duh da duh du...."  Hmmmm.   Oh hell.  I'll link to it below.  But where did that song come from?

So What's the Answer:

The song is called "Entry of the Gladiators."  It was written by a Czech guy named  Julius Fucik (I'll let you figure out how to pronounce "Fucik.") in 1897.  He was a big fan of all things Roman so the song is supposed to represent the pomp and ceremony of Roman Gladiators entering the coliseum.  It got re-arranged and introduced to the America's by Canadian Louis-Phillipe Laurendeau in 1910.  This is the version played a circuses.   The original version  (showing here")

is much slower and more complex than the 1910 circus version (showing here.)

We here at the National Foundation for Obscure Question Research (NFOQR) did a little poking around and decided the best bet was to dump both these versions and go for a really ass kicking march like John William's "Imperial Death March" from the Star Wars Movies (showing here.)

Oh yes,  much better.

So, "Entry of the Gladiators" is the name of the circus song, but it's been radically changed.  Also, John Williams kicks its ass.

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