Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frank Zappa's Dirty Panty Quilt


Did Frank Zappa really have a quilt made out of used panties?


During his "Tinseltown Rebellion" tour in 1981, Frank Zappa, rock music legend and authentic weirdo, starting asking women in the audience to throw their underwear at him.  He is reported to have said;

"Laides, if you give me your panties, I promise I'll never wash them again."

Being that it was a Frank Zappa concert, there were plenty of women in the crowd ready to flood the stage with slightly used unmentionables.  Zappa's bassist, apparently unimpressed, started taking ice tongs on stage in case he needed to move anyone's underthings.  Zappa, on the other hand, would twirl favored panties on his finger, hang them from his guitar etc.

We here here at the Institute for Obscure Question Research (IOQR) could not be more grossed out!

By the end of the tour, Zappa had collected hundreds of used undergarments of all shapes and sizes but what to do with them.

So What's the Answer:

In 1982 Zappa commissioned the making of a quilt, featuring himself as the King of Spade, composed entirely of the still unwashed underpants.  It's now on display at the Hard Rock Cafe in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Frank Zappa, all American Weirdo.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was artist Emily James who asked Frank Zappa if she could make a quilt from panties that had been thrown onstage. She was the one who made him the King, he had no idea what it looked like until it was done. I think it looks pretty cool.