Saturday, November 24, 2012

Felicia Day: Will You Marry This Nerd?


Will Felicia Day agree to marry me?


This question didn't come with a lot of background information but we here at Inane Quarterly (IQ) decided to take in on anyway.

Felicia Day, in case anyone doesn't know, is this very hot American actress who has made a mark for herself in the new and growing web video market.  She's famous for her own show, "The Guild" as well as appearances in many other shows, perhaps most famously she played the femme fatale in "Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog."

While we here at IQ don't know much about the person who asked this questions, a quick check of the internet revealed a few interesting facts about Felicia Day.  One, she's hot, two, she run a little web show called "Vaginal Fantasies," and three, the web is full of rumors about who she may be dating but there are no hard facts.

A Boyfriend for Felicia Day

Clearly Ms. Day, who is also quite brilliant has figured out that being sexy, smart and single is a multi-million dollar deal.

So What's the Answer:

Felicia Day is making millions off of horny nerds.  How many people out there drool away their nights listening to Felicia talk about her vagina?  We don't know.  But its enough to keep the world from ever getting a straight answer to the question, "Does Felicia Day have a Boyfriend" let alone "will she marry me."  While we assume that Felicia Day is dating, it is worth big bucks for her to keep it under wraps so all the gamer boys (and a fair number of the girls to we imagine) out there can continue to hope/pray/and watch Vaginal Fantasies.  So, no, whoever you are, she is not going to marry you.  Now, if you wanted to have a fun little fling with Felicia, that might be possible.  We really don't know what her tastes are like.  Have you tried being Wil Wheaton?  That might help.

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