Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bare Bodkin: Sexy Fun or Toothpick of Pain


What is a "Bare Bodkin?"


In Act 3 Scene 4 of Hamlet, Hamlet says that he could make his "quietus" with a bare bodkin.  We here are the Dataless Data Detailing Department (DDDD) aren't sure how exactly you make your quietus but doing it with a bare bodkin sounds like a lot of fun.  Only problem; we have no clue what a bare bodkin is.

So What's the Answer:

Regrettably, a "bare bodkin" is a small dagger or knife.  It's also a type of arrow head and also the name of that little thingy you use to push thread through the eye of a needle.  Assuming that Hamlet isn't planning to do any sewing, it's safe to say that Hamlet means to stab himself with his bare bodkin.  *Sigh*  Didn't anyone have kinky fun in Shakespeare's time?  

Really the only thing that makes us here are the DDDD suicidal is long ass Shakespeare plays about whiny kids.  That and Brittany Spears videos.  Gack!


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