Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pantie Quilt Part II


Did a Missouri man make a quilt out of Women's Panties?


Earlier this morning, we at the Obscure Question Research and Investigation Centre (OQRIC) posted a note about Frank Zappa's bizarre underclothes quilt.  Several quick eyed readers reported to us that Mr. Zappa is not alone in his quest for the linens made of ladies secret lovelies.

In our eternal quest for answers to obscure questions, we jumped straight to Google to see if it could be true.

So What's the Answer?

OMG!  This man:

Louis Garret, or "Shovelhead" as the tattoo on his forehead points out, from the town of Louisiana, Missouri did in fact make a quilt out of 58 pairs of ladies panties donated to him by "friends and co-workers."

We here at the Joint Commission for Obscure Questions (JCOQ) would just like to point out that tear tattoos, in modern terms usually mean you've killed someone, but in someone of Mr. Garret's age probably represent years in prison.  One tear for every five years.  Honestly, even without the facial tattoos, we're really not going to give this guy our underwear.  

Mr. Garrett also mentioned in an interview with local television, that he got the idea while dressing his mannequins.  This begs the question, in what town is this a news story and not a stalker report?

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