Thursday, November 29, 2012

Who Are One Million Bones?


Who are "One Million Bones?"


From time to time, we see news article and blips in magazines about "One Million Bones."  Who are they?

So What's the Answer:

We here at Fruitless Facts (FF) found the One Million Bones Website.  Turns out that One Million Bones is an educational, informative, awareness program. They use casts of human bones to illustrate the direness of the humanitarian crisis' around the world. 

One Million Bones

Their goal is to build an art instillation on the National Mall in Washington in the Spring of 2013 made of 1,000,000 casts of human bones.  How cool is that?   We at (FF) didn't have any money to send them so we made them a blog post instead.  Get the word out!

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susan said...

Thanks for the blog post.

You've got a great site here!

Susan at One Million Bones

Joel Stottlemire said...

Thanks Susan. You guys rock! Glad to help out.