Friday, December 7, 2012

Was BlueBeard's Beard Really Blue?


Was BlueBeard's Beard Really Blue?


This is the kind of questions that we here at I-Trivia (IT) really get off on.  We all know the name Bluebeard, but who was he and was his beard, in fact, blue?

So What's the Answer?:

We here at IT were astounded to learn that Bluebeard is not a pirate.  That's Blackbeard.  Bluebeard is this really creepy French Aristocrat serial killer dude from a French story first published in 1697.

Was Bluebeard's Beard Really Blue?
Picture of a Random French Aristocrat

The short version of the story goes like this:  Bluebeard keeps marrying women who promptly disappear.  He gives one of his wives a key to a small room in the basement but tells her not to go in.  Just like characters in a modern horror story, she can't resit and finds the dead bodies of all the old wives hanging on the wall.  Just as Bluebeard is about to do her in, her brothers show up and chop chop, Bluebeard is dead. 

What a psycho!  Who wrote this?  Tip to all serial killers, don't give the new wife a key to the room with all the bodies!  Duh!   Hell, when we at IT get a new girlfriend, we throw out all the old girlfriend's CDs.  Why keep the evidence?

So, was his beard blue?  Yes.  In the original story his beard was blue.  We don't know why.  We don't know why the whole house didn't smell like dead bodies, or how Bluebeard kept finding new wives, or why he gave her the key, or how the brothers knew to show up or why this stupid story has survived more than 300 years.  It's like Nightmare on Elm Street without the cool claw, hand thingy.

Yech!  We feel like we need to take a bath...alone.

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