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J.R.R. Tolkien's Sports All Stars


Have Any Major League Sports Players Been Named After Lord of the Rings Characters?


Being that The Lord of the Rings is something like 1100 pages long and has, literally hundreds of named characters.  (Try:  Ingold, gatekeeper at Rammas Echor or Gleowine, Denethor's Minstrel) it seems virtually impossible to identify all possible names.  The Lego Lord of the Rings Game Boast 85 playable characters.  Even Wikipedia balks when asked to give the full character list.  It also seems unlikely that there could be found in one place a list of all Major League Sports Players.  This question appears unanswerable.  Since we here at Useless Facts United (UFU) had nothing to do till lunch, we decided to give it a try.

Sports Figure Names
I Don't Play Baseball!  Aaaargh!!!!

So What's The Answer:

Turns out there are a couple of interesting name crossovers between LOTR and professional sports, although we here at UFU didn't find evidence that any of them were intentional.  Damarius Bilbo, for example, was a minor league baseball player drafted by Milwaukee in 2001.  He never played pro.

Rosie Cotton, Sam's erstwhile girlfriend and eventual wife, shares a first name with two NFLers.  Rosie Grant, who played in the 1930's and Rosie Manning, drafted by the Falcons in 1972.

Our very favorite crossover has to be the horse that carried Legolas and Gimli through much of the last few hundred pages of The Return of the King.  Its name: Arod, nickname of famed baseballer Alex Rodriguez.

A-Rod Secret Star of Lord of the Rings.
A-Rod LOTR Superhero?
Personally, I think "Gollum" would be a great name for a catcher, always slinking about on their knees, hiding behind those masks.  "Pitch it to us precious.  Pitch it to us.  We wants it."

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