Monday, December 3, 2012

Bolometric Luminosity: The Power of Light


What is Bolometric Luminosity?


From time to time sciency types of websites report on a star or galaxies "Bolometic" luminosity.  What the heck is that?

So What's the Answer?

We here at Fat Facts (FF) did some poking and found that a) that bolo ties are more popular than we ever imagined and b) that Bolometric Luminosity is a measure of the total energy given off by a source.  This includes not just visible light, but also radio, infra-red, gamma, everything.

This varies from apparent brightness, which is how bright an object looks from Earth, and Absolute Brightness which is how bright and object would look from about 32 light years away.

We here are FF are intrigued most by the bolo tie data we found.  We gave up Bolo ties after the 3rd grade.  Maybe we made a mistake. Hmmmm.

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