Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Technorati is a What?


What is Technorati and why do I care?


Anyone whose ever tried to promote their blog, and we here at the Fun Facts Finding Foundation (FFFF) do, has come across the name Technorati and no doubt comments telling you that you really need to get linked up but what is it an why does it matter?

So What's the Answer?

Technorati is a collector and re-distributor of blogs.  They will take your blog, add it to their directory and, depending on how highly they rate it, spread it around the world.  It is a very good way to get the word out about your blog but suffers a bit for the "you need to be famous to get famous" syndrome. 

Millions of blogs have been submitted to Technorati over the years yet only a few get large scale promotion.  This is necessary because otherwise the channel would get clogged and no one would be able to find high quality content.  This means that, while Technorati is a valuable distribution tool, if you are not writing good content and backing your work in other areas, your Technorati listing is going to sit more or less dormant at the bottom of their list.

The problem isn't with Technorati.  Blogging is hard work and, while listings with Technorati and the hundreds of other sites like them are important, if you don't do the work, you won't go far.

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Doc Searls said...

Technorati began and thrived as a pioneering leader in "live Web" search, which was then entirely enabled by following posts syndicated with RSS. it was born late one night when David Sifry and I were working on a story about blogs for Linux Journal. David, a hacker of the first water, wrote Technorati as a research tool, and showed it to me. I immediately said "that needs to be a company," and so it was.

To stay alive as a business, however, Technorati morphed into what it remains today. To me this is a far less interesting and important business, but I'm glad it at least survives.

Of the original competitors in the live Web search space, only Google Blogsearch is still around, and hardly anybody knows about it. Sad.

Joel Stottlemire said...

Hey Doc. Thanks for stopping by! Boy do I wish I knew as much about blogging as you do. As a, fairly, new blogger, I worry that most of my efforts are headed the wrong direction.

Congrats on Technorati! I hope it brings you years of happiness. I wish, for your sake, it could be more like your early vision but congrats on your success!