Friday, January 18, 2013

How To Dispose of That Spare Delorean?


Now that we've decided that the 80's weren't as cool as we thought they were should I just toss out my old DeLorean?


Way back in early 80's DeLorean Motor cars produced it's sole vehicle the DMC-12.  It was a low-rear engine sports car with wing style doors and stainless steel body panels.  The project had been troubled from the start.  When finally released, the DeLorean did not have the configuration it was meant to have, the engine it was supposed to have, or even the manufacturing technology it was supposed to have.  Additionally, there were practical problems, like you had to be more than six feet tall to reach the door handle while seated.  We here at Trivia United (TU) feel that it also suffered a great deal from the fact that, with its doors open it most resembled an AMC Gremlin with wings.  The Gremlin is noteworthy because it frequently shows up on lists of the ugliest car of all time.  Observe:

Delorean Motor Car
AMC Gremlin Drag Racer
If not for the facts that the DeLorean was featured in the "Back to The Future" movie franchise and the whole company collapsed over a drug charge for which Mr. DeLorean was eventually acquitted, they car would almost certainly have been forgotten by now.  But what to do with yours?

So What's the Answer?:

If you've just looking to get rid of it, we here at TU would be glad to stop by and pick it up from you because DeLoreans are worth big bucks!   Today an original DeLorean sells in the $30,000 to $50,000 range.  In fact, they are do popular that a Texas firm called DeLorean Motor Company bought all the leftovers from the 80's shutdown and is custom building new DeLoreans on the original frames.  

We here at UT have never been particularly impressed with the DeLorean but we have to say that we spent a very happy half hour watching this guy do doughnuts in his custom made DeLorean Hovercraft.   Sometimes it is good to have more money than sense.

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