Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ziggy Meets David


Why are Rock Stars Ziggy Stardust and David Bowie talked about together so much?


Good question...No, wait.  This isn't a very good question.  This question makes us here at Things You Should Know Without Being Told (TYSKWBT) feel very old.  We'll go straight to the answer.

David Bowie
Ziggy Stardust
Have You Two Met?

So What's the Answer:

After his 1969 off beat rock hit "Space Oddity" David Bowie reemerged in 1973, under the name Ziggy Stardust.  He and his band, dubbed for the tour "The Spiders from Mars."  Had a very successful tour and album.  It proved short lived.  Just two short years later, Bowie had transformed again.  This time becoming "The Thin White Duke."

Ziggy was a strange sexless or transgender character in some ways similar to early Marylin Manson.  We here at the (TYSKWBT) don't think he holds a candle in terms of overall weirdness to Frank Zappa who famously encouraged women to throw their used panties at him and then made a quilt from the unwashed nothings.  Yech!
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